Whats up with Whatsapp? Part-19

‘Hi Rasika’ greets john
‘Hi John, so is this the time to come office?’
‘i stretch till late night’
‘Hmmm.. y stretch, instead u can come early na?’
‘Good point.. but leave that..So u were talking to ur boyfriend is it?’
‘I overheard ;-)’
‘No, he is just a …..’
‘Oh then your to be boyfriend??’
‘Hey shut up, he is a guy whom my parents have chosen for marriage, so we are just in the getting to know phase, if everything goes well then i can give some name to this relationship, else no meaning for this, so i was hesitant on wat to tell abt him’
‘So you like him?’
‘I have not come to any conclusion’
‘So how u met him?’
Rasika tells the entire story that had happened as they walk back to their cubicle.
They reach Rasika’s place, so they stand there…
‘ok best of luck, do tell me the updates wen u find time’
‘For gossip??’
‘Hmmm… just to know if i can get marriage food in the near future’
‘For that i will get the costliest meal from any hotel u prefer, y wait for my marriage’
‘Ha ha ha’
They both laugh and John leaves for his place.
Rest of the day goes working on critical issues. In between she sees msg from Pranav , but does not reply as she is busy with her work. Rasika get the late night cab to her house so finally when she gets into the cab she replies
‘Just got into cab, very tired’
She puts her handsfree into her ears and listens to her favorite songs and enjoys the cold breeze through the window.She rewinds the things that has happened over the past few days with Pranav.
‘Madam you are the last, where should i drive?’Interrupts the driver
She tells the route to her house and reaches home.
‘Ya it happens,that’s y they pay you’ replies Pranav.

These regular conversation goes for a week.They wake up to each other message and sleep after saying good night to each other.One day Rasika reaches her office too early.She dials his number from office landline.

‘hello’ answers Pranav
‘Hey hi, Rasika here, this is my office desk no.’
‘Dont you have any work in the office, u call me this early’

The conversation continues….

After she cuts the call she goes into a deep thought of analyzing if she could take things further

‘Morning’ Rahul greets her..
she replies with her smile.Half the day goes without much work.Suddenly at 12 they get a production issue. Rasika takes the responsibility of finding the Root cause and providing a fix for the issue.She struggles and toils so much before she could provide a fix for the bug.Around 4 she takes her lunch box to food court to finish.

‘Good job Rasika..so late lunch is it?? Oh ya i get it.. Hmmm.. thank you for taking the ownership for the bug and providing the fix’
‘Its my job Rahul’
‘Ok have your lunch in peace now, i dont want to disturb u, take care’

Half way eating ,she meddles with her mobile and finds few msg from Pranav.
‘Ya tell me Pranav, just saw ur msg’
‘Wat doing?’ instantly comes a reply from Pranav
‘Having Lunch’
‘Oh hmmm… ok.. Can we meet this weekend??’

Rasika types ‘Yes’ then types ‘No’ then erases and thinks….

‘Confused??‘ pings Mr X to Rasika

To be continued…

Disclaimer:This is a piece of my own imagination, any resemblance to real life incidents in coincidental

Whats up with Whatsapp? Part-18

Rasika wakes up early the next day without sound sleep.

‘Ma, i will have lunch in office saying this she leaves the house.

Its a cold rainy day,she waits in the bus stop watching the rain drizzling, and the wind blowing.Sometimes the cold rainy weather is all that is needed to soothe a troubled soul.Her office bus comes , she takes the bus and reaches her office listening to slow songs.

‘Morning Rasika’ says Rahul

‘Hi Rahul, gud morning’ 

‘We have a call at 10, i will include u as well in the invite, u join so that u will get a grip of whats happening in our team.

‘sure Rahul’

She tries joining the call from her extension, but unable to,also finds none beside her cabin till 10.She tries to ping John through office communicator, he is also offline, so she goes to Rahul’s place to join the call.

‘Rahul ,i am unable to join call from my extension, so i came here’

‘Its ok, we will go to the meeting room , there will  be too much of noise here’

So they both walk together towards a meeting room, with Rahul carrying his laptop.

‘I dont see anyone in today, its already 10 na?’ says Rasika

‘Ya, girls beside your cabin are on planned leave for the long weekend, john will always be late to office’

‘Oh ok’

The call starts at 10 sharp, with some much to discuss and argue the call continues till 12.Finally at 12 the call ends.

‘Rasika , u may leave, i will send this email and come to my desk’

‘Oh, its 12, ok let me go to the food court, else it will be crowded by 12.30’saying this to herself Rasika goes to the food court

She orders food and eats it alone in one corner of the food court.

‘Oye’ Pranav pings

‘Ya’replies Rasi.

Oh shit i replied, sometimes lonely time is when we message people which we regret seconds later.

‘Whats up? u have been quite for a while’instantly replies Pranav

‘Oh, i was busy’

‘Hmmm… ok i believed’

Rasika ignores the message and continues to eat.She washes her hand and open the door of the food court to walk towards her building, but to her surprise when she opens the door she sees lot of people waiting outside in the shelter as it is raining.

‘Had lunch?’ comes a voice from behind

She turns back to find Rahul standing behind her.She gets partially wet because she is standing just at the end of the shelter, so they both move through the crowd to find a suitable place so that they dont get wet.

‘So had lunch?’ Rahul asks again

‘yes, u?’

‘Ya, i too had’

Silence prevails for a while, then she breaks the silence ‘I should have brought an umbrella to food court, i have it in my desk’

‘hmmm oh i c, but i love watching rain, sometimes that’s a relaxation i get amidst all the pressure’

‘Ya, dat is also true, i also love watching rain, but i like getting drenched too,i am not doing it here cz i have to go and sit in AC ‘

‘Ha ha ha i understand’

They have a formal not so exiting conversation on the professional,academical front.The people in the crowd move here and there making the environment not so comfortable.This in turn gives an accidental magical touch between the two.The two refuse to acknowledge the touch, nor move apart to avoid the touch.

After a breif silence Rahul interrupts that he saw Rasika in a coffee shop without mentioning that he saw her with a guy.

‘Oh is it, i was with Pranav that day’Replies Rasika

Though intrigued to ask who Pranav is, Rahul restricts himself to be formal.The rain stops and also the conversation comes to an end.

‘Come lets go its only drizzling.’

The two walk towards their building, take the lift and reach their desk.

‘So had lunch?’ Pranav pings 

Rasika comes online but ignores the message.So Pranav calls Rasika, she doesnt pick up the call as well.

‘Come on Rasika, i know u will be a bit hesitant to meet my parents and my parents will feel odd if i keep talking to u over phone without them meeting u, so i had to do this, i know u r angry on me, but this is how it is’

‘Wat this is how it is?Dont u feel we should come to a conclusion on how we take this forward before making the families meet?’

‘I liked the first day i saw u, dat is all is required for me to make my parents meet u’

‘I just want my parents to meet the gal i liked, dont make it complicated’

‘who is making things complicated? u or me?’

Phone rings, its Pranav and Rasika now picks up the call..

‘Hi Rasi’

‘i am not making things complicated, u r making things complicated by involving our parents’

‘Ha ha ha, so u are talking from the point we left over the msg is it? now since we are fighting and u have a point to prove that i am wrong u picked up the call, without even telling hi u r scolding me, poor me,’

‘U r poor huh’

‘ya of course.. i am poor innocent boy who is trying to calm u down..i just wanted u to pick up the call and talk to me, may be i am making things complicated , but i wanted my parents to c the gal i liked , i also wanted to meet the beautiful u again so i had to do that.. sorry :(… pls dont scold me’

Rasika cannot handle flattering words on face.So the intensity of the fight cools down and finally changes into a light hearted conversation

‘Ok Pranav Byee, i have to go in’ saying this Rasika cuts the call..

Rahul overhears the last sentence as he walk past her in the corridor……..


To be continued…

Disclaimer:This is a piece of my own imagination, any resemblance to real life incidents in coincidental


Happy birthday Singapore

I am an Indian, i love my country and i am proud of being an Indian.But 2014 was a crucial year for me, a year i was questioning myself, my identity , my strength, my belief and my core values.It was a time when i was not in peace personally nor was i getting job in India despite having an engineering degree with IT experience because i had a carrier break of less than a yr due to my marriage.There was  lot of frustration, anger , feeling of helplessness within me that i was dealing day and night.On the other hand my husband had shifted from Malaysia to Singapore and amidst lots of painful events i was waiting to come to Singapore.It was also a time when many people around me wearing the mask of well wishers just wanted to see how my life was going to take its path.I know their intentions yet i refused to react….

Finally i reached Singapore with zero expectations of having any growth or happiness in my life.I was like a dead meat whose ambitions, dreams and image had been crushed without any mercy due to many life events.I had heard a lot of positive things about Singapore from people around me back in India, but nothing went into my head for i was not interested in anything. I dont know if the stars of destiny looked at me or my virtues of past life ,took control when i reached this country,but things started changing slowly  and finally life took a ‘U’ turn when my husband agreed on me working and i got a job here in Singapore.This job helped me in building  good memories over bad, got me back my respect, my confidence and most importantly peace.I have had moments of bliss, gratitude and tears of joy in this country.This country had helped me in fulfilling many of my dreams even if it was as simple as getting a chocolate on my own money.I had traveled alone in taxi with a sense of security even when i did not know the route properly because i trust the people of Singapore.My husband and I have walked  on streets @ 12 in the night without any fear because we know we are in Singapore.I am greatly indebted to Singapore for helping me find myself again.I was reborn here again.I know life is always full of hardships, but the positiveness that this country gave me will be remembered for years to come.

I know many people out there will also have gratifying story for this beautiful country.So here is wishing Singapore Happy 51st Birthday.I always believe what u give shall come back to u one day.Singapore had given me so much to cherish and i know i will give it back to this country through my incarnations.

Majulah Singapura!I LOVE YOU SINGAPORE!!


My Thatha…

Its been a yr since my thatha left..”One Day u will be a memory for everyone, so do good things”my mom used to say, but this saying reminds me of my thatha, because the thought of him brings only tears of gratitude,love and affection.I know he has a profound influence on me genetically but only after he left i came to know he has been that invisible strength in me all these yrs.When i had one of the darkest phase of my life, some were secretly happy wishing the worst to happen, some were really concerned,few people judged without knowing anything fully and very few including my parents had it as one of the many problems that bothered them at that point, but for my thatha that was the only problem he was thinking abt all the time.. i still regret for having not been able to give peace in his last yr ,but it is during that period i understood my family history better and perceived the reasons behind many events.
Today i stand content and grateful to god for giving me that opportunity to speak my heart to him when i met him for the last time..I owe him for every step i take towards my life goals…Markandannnn thatha will always be remembered and missed and i know i was his fav peathi..


Whats up with Whatsapp? Part-17

‘Good Morning’ reads a msg from Pranav
Rasika gets up late since its Sunday and sees the msg late.At 11 she sees the msg and replies
‘Just Got up, GM :)’
‘So u get up so late on weekends is it? Then who is supposed to cook breakfast for me if i am hungry ;-)’
‘Excuse me’replies Rasika
‘Kidding yaar’
‘Ok what’s plan for today?’
‘Nothing as of now, may be will go out for shopping’
‘Oh wer?’
‘Mostly MG road with parents’
‘Oh, when?’
‘After lunch?’
‘What’s plan for you?’
‘Nothing,should take rest to c match at night ;-)’
‘So this is called planning is it?’
They chat for a while and Rasi bids bye to Pranav saying she should get ready for her shopping.
After two hours…
‘Hi, wru?’ pings Pranav
‘MG road’
‘Where in MG road?’
‘Cz i also want somethings to be got from there, taut may be u cud buy them and i could collect it from u later’
‘Tell na, seriously’
Rasi tells the exact place where she is shopping, and to her surprise Pranav arrives there within minutes with his parents. Rasi is totally taken back, and Rasi’s parents are totally happy seeing the guy..
‘Namaskaram aunty, i am Pranav,hope by now u know abt me,i was the one who met Rasi yesterday’
Both the families exchange pleasantries. Pranav’s mom gives a look at Rasi from head and toe as if examining each and every aspect of her look. Rasi feeling embarrassed at her stare breaks the silence by greeting her.The meeting goes formally and they all plan to have evening snacks together.While having snacks , Pranav’s mom interviews Rasi and judges her by asking her so many question on cooking, on her dressing sense, on her salary,job, education.
‘Do u always wear Jeans like this?Do u know to tie saree?Do u know to cook?Y is your bindi so small?Y have u not worn any bangles?What is your job timings?What’s your mark in 12th?’ So many questions….The conversation is halted when the waiter serves the snacks ordered.
‘Pani Puri mam’asks the waiter
‘keep it there’signs Pranav showing Rasi’s place
I never ordered it, exclaims Rasi..
‘I ordered it for u cz u told me u like Pani puri’replies Pranav with a naughty smile..
Rasi keeps her face blank..The rest of the snacks are served to everyone.
The meeting continues for an hour and finally ends with the waiter arriving with the Bill. Before Rasi’s dad could grab the bill Pranav grabs the bill from the waiter and pays for it.Finally tummy full they bid bye to each other.
‘Chamathu he is’ Rasi’s mom praises Pranav
‘Ya he is really sweet, nicely brought up guy of this generation’ adds Rasi’s dad
Rasi doesn’t talk a word.
‘Rasi y r u silent?’asks her dad
‘Nothing appa’
‘BTW rasi, did u know that they are coming?If so u could have worn some chudidhar or a saree.. but his idea for the families to meet outside the house was nice na?’
Rasika doesn’t reply a word.They reach home and have dinner.
Rasika enters her den after eating.
‘hi Rasi :)’reads a msg from Pranav
She doesn’t reply for that.
‘Oye upset’ reads a msg from Mr.X
Rasika ignores the msg
With Pin drop silence in the entire house, her dad starts to talk abt taking the alliance forward which could be heard inside her room.
Feeling helpless she thinks of people she could msg for help.But she doesn’t get anyone on mind cz she always had Vikash for anything and everything.Suddenly a msg pops up again
‘Need help??’msg from Mr.X
Rasika types ‘I dont know who u r, wru, i am super irritated abt u also, but at this point i have to vent out to someone, and u r the one..I met a guy recently as a part of marriage proposal…’
She continues typing what all happened in the two days
‘Oh!!!’ replies Mr.X
‘What Oh???’
‘I don’t know what to do?i had not spoken to any guy for the past so many years with intentions of being in a relationship.. infact i never did, cz all these years i had Vikash..(BTW Vikash is my X) all of a sudden everything went upside down.. he left and i lost my job..i was not ready for any relationship as such, but despite i met this guy due to compulsion and now i am super irritated, i accept i was flattered by the way he spoke and all cz, but wat happened today seems way too much..and my parents on the other hand want to just get me married to some guy, they are not thinking that its a life long bond that will come with marriage, with so many divorce case coming each day they should be thinking abt the right match for me, but instead…’
‘Rasi i understand all this, but give some time for everything to sort out on its own, its way to early to conclude anything.This too shall pass, u have crossed so much and now u are getting upset for such a small thing is it?Ur parents are worried abt u, that’s the reason.. now cheer up, Chal sleep now,tomorrow will be a gud day, say this to yourself and sleep’
‘Smile and say Good Night’
She types back ‘Gud Night’

Whats up with Whatsapp? Part-16

Their eyes meet..

Pranav is 5’7 ,wheat-ish skin tone, good looking muscular macho man..

‘Hi Rasika’

Rasika takes the chair opposite to Pranav and they talk for a while about their likes & dislikes, interest and future plans. In between the waiter interrupts asking
‘Sir your order pls’
They both discuss and order chocolate milk shake
‘Hey looks like we both also share same taste with milkshakes as well’
‘Yeah’replies Rasika..

When the conversation becomes a bit boring on sports , she looses her eye contact with Pranav and looks here and there in the coffee shop.She sees a guy who looks like Rahul from behind.Pranav understands that the topic is boring and changes the topic from sports to movies.Her eyes lites up and she takes the conversation forward, and Pranav patiently listens

An hour passes by and her mobile vibrates
‘Having a nice time huh?’reads a msg from Mr.X
She completely ignores the msg and continues chit chatting with Pranav…

As the milk shake is emptied they wrap up their meet and bid byeee. They agree to speak for few more days before coming to a conclusion..
When she leaves, Pranav calls for her and tells
‘You look more beautiful when compared to the photo i saw of yours’
Rasika smiles without a reply and goes back home..

On her way back home, so many thoughts bombard her mind..
‘Am i liking this?Am i ready for marriage or a relationship now?Or is it just like a fling?But he is really awesome to talk, but is it just the talks and looks i am liking,Oh God Save me.. Give me answers’

‘Rasi..Dont confuse yourself too much..just be with the flow of life, like the clouds that hide the sunshine, u r clouded with so many thoughts.. but the sunshine is not too far’reads the msg from Mr.X

‘How do u know wat is happening in my life? wer r u?Y r u sending these messages?Y cant u mind your own business?Leave me in peace’Replies Rasi

When she reaches home, her mother poses so many questions abt the meeting,but she replies that she is very tired and locks her up in her room.

‘Hi, reached home safe?’reads the msg from Pranav
‘So wat are you doing?’
‘Nothing much,just lying on bed’
‘Thinking abt u ;-)’
‘Ahhaahhh,so wat r u thinking abt me?’
‘Abt how beautiful u r’
‘You had lot of girlfriends is it in your past? cz u r too gud in talking’
‘Oh is it?Thanku madam..BTW Y r u talking abt the past, when u r my present and future? ;-)’
‘Pls stop Pranav’
‘Okie.. cool’

They chit chat on whatsapp for a while , before her mom bangs the door for dinner..
‘Coming Ma…’
During dinner she narrates what has happened that evening to her parents and also tells what they had agreed on.Her parents are content that the meeting has gone well and that it has gone to the next level.

‘Ok Rasi, dont msg him now, cz its too late and he might get a bad impression on u, msg him in the morning, Okie?’
‘Maaa, stop this’
‘Say ok na?’
‘Pls God save me from these people!!!’
‘You get married to Pranav, then u need not put up with us, instead of asking God to save u , ask God that u shud get married soon’
‘Amma enough, i am sleepy’Saying this she goes to her room
Before sleeping she takes her mobile to browse whatsapp..
‘Hellloooo are you there?’ reads the last msg from Pranav
‘Sorry was having dinner’replies Rasi
‘Can i call u now?’
‘Now? its late already’
‘Pls pls pls… just for 5mins’
When she types ‘S’ and sends the next sec she gets a call from Pranav
They talk till her mobile switches off due to low battery…

Rasika feeling very sleepy puts her mobile in charge, yet switches it on to at least msg him goodnight and tell that she is too sleepy to talk..Before she could msg him..she gets a msg from him that reads
‘Good Night Rasika.. hope u must be very tired by now..I told i will talk only for 5mins, but couldn’t stop talking to u..We will talk tomorrow again ;-)’

After reading this msg,Rasika smiles and types ‘Gud Night’

Rasika concludes’This guy is sweet, understanding,handsome, well settled and impressive, but is this enough for me to take things ahead?Let me give it a thought’

Whats up with Whatsapp? Part-15

‘Hi this is Rasika, hope u know me’

‘Hmmm sorry’

‘My parents gave me your no. and…’

‘Oh ya now i got you’

‘Hey hi, i am Pranav’

They get into the first formal introductory conversation for a while.

‘Ok Pranav, nice talking to you, its getting late…’

‘Sure Rasika,it was nice talking to u too..Take care bye… ‘

Saying this he cuts the call

‘Ma , Pa I spoke to him’

They get exited and wait for her reaction.

‘Ok go ahead, so???’

‘What so, u wanted me to talk so i talked,thats it… i am not interested in marriage now’

‘Dont talk like that Rasi, u must get married soon, u go and meet him once , then we will decide, he is a well settled guy, he has no sisters, he is the younger son, not much responsibilty, he also works here only’

‘Ma, just because he is well settled and has no sisters i cant marry him, stop talking abt this now, ‘

The conversation intensifies and Rasika picks up a quarrel with her mom. ‘Leave me in peace Ma, i am sleepy’ Saying this she goes inside her room and bangs the door.And her parents quarrel outside abt her.Rasi doesnt get sleep and so she browses through her lappy for movies/songs to watch.Half way through she falls asleep.She wakes up as the daylight reaches her eyes through the gap in the curtain.

‘Good morning ma, good morning pa’

‘good morning  Rasi’Her dad wishes,she gets no reply from her mom

‘Ma sorrieee ma..Give me coffee ma, have u got filter coffee powder, i miss your coffee’

‘Haah,for all this u will need me.. u have a long tongue, i know abt u and i have it for you, wait i will get u coffee’

Saying this her mom goes inside the kitchen, boils milks, pours the thick decoction inside a cup, adds sugar and finally pours the hot milk in the cup.The aroma of the coffee reaches the hall.

‘Ma u are simply superb, its been so many days i have had this kind of coffee’saying this she sips the coffee

‘Yay, thats because u dint come to chennai itself, we called u so many times, when have you listened to what we tell’

‘Ma, pls dont start, i am fed up’

‘U and ur Dad both will be frustrated on me only, u guys get angry on me, i am only a scape goat’ saying this she weeps,she also takes her pallu to wipe tears from her eyes

‘Ma, dont cry, y are u crying now? i have just come out of a lot mess in my life, pls understand’

‘U must also understand us Rasi, we are worried abt your future,its time for you to get married’

The arguement continues.. suddenly her mobile beeps.. in between the arguement, she sees opens her whatsapp

‘Can we meet today or tomorrow if you are free?’ reads the message

When Rasika opens the message, her mother also reads the message

‘Haaah… see i also told the same thing once u go and meet him na then we will decide’

‘Ma, pls dont force me’

‘Rasika pls just go and meet him, i dont expect anything from you’

After lot of persuasion, finally Rasika agrees to meet Pranav

‘Ok, lets meet today evening’replies Rasika

Instantly he comes online and types

‘Sure, when and where?’

They decide and plans to meet at 5 in a coffee shop

‘Ma, i am meeting Pranav at 5 today’

‘Okie :)’ she replies with a smile

Rasika gets ready in a red top and black leggings, wth free hair.She doesnt put any make up , yet she glows in her own natural way.Pranav reaches the coffee shop on time.Rasika arrives late as every gal in the world ;-).

They meet and shake hands……..






Social Network – a shipwreck for relationSHIP??

With the age of facebook and twitter, i see change in the depth of relationships.

People have become more expressive , but the genuineness of those expressions is questionable.

“miss you”, “Love you loads” have become common phrases , and lost its true meaning.Commitment is questioned from our relationship status in social networking sites.Friends are counted by the number of likes/comment.Happiness and sadness is judged with post/pics

Social network is a network for addiction.

Whats up with Whatsapp? Part-14

After a weekend its a boring gloomy monday morning
The door bell rings.
‘OMG is it 6.30??’ rasika half awake looks for her mobile to snooze the alarm.
‘WTF its only 5?? then wer is the sound coming from?’
The door bell rings again..
‘Door bell?? at this time?’
Rasika tip toes to the hall and peeps through the hole to c who it is.To her surprise she finds her parents standing out.
‘Maa Paa??!!’ Rasika opens the door perplexed.
‘Y did u come?i mean how ? for what?’
‘Rasika u dont even want to let us in and posing so many questions??’
‘Come in come in …’
‘Hahh u have become so thin.. do u eat properly?? OMG c the hall .. full of unfolded clothes.. c the floor.. dont u sweep regularly?’
‘Ma stop this, i m sleepy, i am going back to bed.There is nothing at home except cornflakes for breakfast, u only have to buy groceries and veggies if u have to eat at home’
‘Look at u, how irresponsible u r.. i dont know how u r going to manage a house after marriage.. u are going to get screwed by ur mother in law.They are going to question me only for bringing u up like this.I am very worried. Pls be responsible’
‘Ma, early morning dont start, i am going to sleep, wake me up at 6.30, i have my bus at 7.15’
Saying this Rasi hits the bed.
After an hour she gets up and gets ready for her office.
‘C u mom dad’
She boards her bus and reaches the office.
‘Good morning Rasika’
‘Hi john, good morning, its been a week since i saw u’
‘Ya i fell sick and was on leave’
‘Oh k, so how are u now?’
‘I am gud now’
‘ok :)..’
‘So how did last week go?’
‘Boring, i just went through some PPT’s’
‘Oh wat PPT?’
‘Here c, these’
‘Ok, then let me ask u some questions from that to c if u really went through or u were sleeping’
‘John, y? 😦 ‘
‘Haha just kidding’
‘Ok Rahul has asked me to give KT(Knowledge Transfer) on some modules that u would be working on’
‘Oh k fine’
‘Come to conference room, we will have our session there’
‘Ok :)’
The session goes for an hour.

‘Ha that’s it for the day, i am done’ says John
‘Hmmm… ok’
‘any doubts?’
‘So u dint understand anything or u understood everything?’
‘No unless i myself work on this i will not get doubts’
‘Hmmm valid.. So how r u finding the project, work environment, colleagues in this company’
‘I dont know anyone except u and Rahul’
‘Is it?? wat ant the gals who sits in ur cubicle?’
‘They hardly acknowledge me’
‘Haahhh, thats gud, then friends?’ saying this John extends his hand to Rasi to give a hand shake
‘If those girls have not acknowledged u, then u are my friend’
‘Chill, u will get to know abt them soon’
Rasi kills time rest of the day doing nothing fruitful.Evening when she reaches home, the aroma of her favorite food comes as she opens the door.
The house is cleaned and arranged.
‘Mommmmm thanku :)’
‘Dear fresh up, lets have dinner, had made ur favorite food’
‘Yaa, i know, good aroma fills the air’
Rasi refreshes quickly and sits for dinner.
‘Its been a long time since we all sat together for dinner’
‘yes mom, i miss ur food’

Rasi and her parents eat dinner and chit chat on old nostalgic memories.
‘Rasi , we had come here to discuss about your marriage’ Rasi’s father interrupts
‘What?? y all of a sudden? wats the necessity?’
‘U r 25, and its high time we atleast start searching a guy for u’
‘Daddd Noooo’
‘Rasi listen to us, we had created an account in a matrimony site some time back and we got many requests which did not materialize due to many reasons, but last week we got a request from one family wer the horoscope had matched perfectly and they want u to meet the guy’
‘Mom this is radiculous’
‘How can u do it this way?’
‘Stop arguing Rasi, just listen to us this time, i will give u the guy’s mobile no. just talk to him today and c, if u dont like no issues, we will not proceed, but we want to start searching for a guy so that atleast by next yr we can get u married’
‘Mommmm…pls no, dont do this 😦 :(‘
After an hour of arguements she notes the no..she hesitates to call but finally calls.The ring goes and the phone is picked.
‘Hello…’ a voice answers.